Unconscious Bias 101

Unpacking Bias, Stereotypes, Implicit Bias + More!

Discover The Science Behind Bias

If you’ve ever wanted to know why unconscious bias happens, then this is the course for you. We’ll unpack the science behind how unconscious bias works, how it shows up, and how to know when bias is impacting behavior.

  • Deepen your understanding of constructs surrounding biased behavior
  • Develop skills for interrupting unconscious bias and creating more inclusive environments
  • Build awareness of your and others’ personal biases and how to overcome them

Understanding the science behind unconscious bias can help ensure that prejudiced or biased behavior doesn’t sabotage your efforts to be fair, inclusive, and respectful to others. This course will help you build awareness and practice understanding how to identify biased behavior.

Your Instructor

Dr. Tiffany Jana
Dr. Tiffany Jana

Dr. Jana is the founder and CEO of TMI Consulting, Inc. a diversity, equity, and inclusion management consulting firm. Dr. Jana is an award winning speaker and author on the subjects of bias, inclusion, equity, and diversity. As a subject matter expert in the field, Dr. Jana has designed state of the art DEI courses that help individuals and teams develop the skills to be more inclusive leaders and collaborators in the workplace. Their thought leadership in the space has revolutionized the way we talk about topics such as privilege, unconscious bias, and inclusive business practices. Dr. Jana’s approachable style and metrics based methodology has helped many companies from Fortune 500s to large governmental organizations and multinational corporations unlock their inclusive potential.

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