Managing Remote Teams

Discover how to lead inclusively in a remote environment

Build An Inclusive Remote Team

Whether you're on a remote team for the first time, or working on your virtual people skills, this training is a great resource for improving your inclusive approach.

Today, many workplaces have implemented remote working policies—whether in response to COVID-19 or to scale their businesses. As you move your team to an online environment, it is imperative to continue diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies. Remote working policies can be a breeding ground for isolation, microaggressions, and exclusive behavior. It’s much easier for our unconscious bias to take control when we aren’t surrounded by others who can help keep us accountable and inclusive.

Creating a cohesive and inclusive remote team isn’t easy, but it is doable and paramount to the success of your organization. Creating boundaries, psychological safety, and a sense of community is what will allow your team to push through this pandemic with organizational success. This training will:

  • Help you focus on trust building strategies for creating inclusion within your newly remote team
  • Discuss mental models and tools for reframing
  • Identify inclusive communication best-practices
  • Guide you through reflective exercises on your leadership style

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Loom the Culture Map
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